Statement of principles by the management team

The management of MOSER SCHAFFHAUSEN AG has the duty to develop products which fully meet customer expectations.
We consider the satisfaction of our customers to be the most important condition for our long-term economic success.

The management and all employees are committed to strict compliance with instructions for work and procedures in order to continually improve on these elements in the long term. Our employees are actively involved in taking responsibility for quality and therefore play a key role in quality management.

However, our corporate responsibility and the public image of MOSER SCHAFFHAUSEN AG go far beyond customer-specific quality requirements.
We raise everyone’s awareness to issues in the fields of occupational health and safety, human rights, environmental protection and encourage active participation in these areas within the company.

A future-oriented, sustainable approach as well as the correct and proper conduct of all employees are part of our concept of corporate values and act as a foundation for respectful interaction across all areas and management levels.
Any corrupt acts, whether on the part of the company or business partners, will not be tolerated. The management must be immediately informed of any abnormalities or infringement of our values.

The management and quality management system shall act as an example. A combination of discussions, regular meetings and additional measures are used to ensure that the quality policy is communicated to employees and is put into action. To ensure that this policy is implemented at all times, every employee must be given access to the management handbook.

Edouard Meylan
September 2020


Every employee at our company accepts the principle of having shared values. Every employee is responsible for their work and conduct. We place great importance on treating others with dignity, trust, honesty, respect, fairness and a readiness to help. We keep our promises to satisfy our customers with a personal service and unique products, as well as ensuring the continued success of our company.

Responsibility towards raw materials

We are aware of our responsibility of human rights and the environmental risks and only procure our precious metals and stones from certified and verified sources. In our supply chain, compliance with and the implementation of legal and normative regulations are our top priority.
We only source animal materials for straps from certified producers and place great importance on sustainability, breeding establishments and their work in the conservation and protection of species.

Management of natural resources

Our responsibility towards and respect for the environment is important to us. Whenever possible, we promote the careful and sustainable use of all natural resources. It is our aim to achieve continual improvement by using alternative and sustainable materials, as well as to continuously reduce our carbon footprint.

Due diligence policy

Our due diligence policy and processes according to the 5 steps of OECD guildelines are reviewed at least once a year and, if needed, adapted. For further information, please contact us.

Concerns or complaints

Concerns or complaints about human rights, as well as relevant information and observations of direct and indirect behaviour from our company which are not in accordance with our values and commitments, can be submitted anonymously to

Raphael Frauenfelder geste


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