The Centre Seconds, explained by our talking complication

Hi, I am a Centre Seconds. Unlike the other talking watches, I am not a complication. In fact, you could say that I am the lack of a complication. I’m not sure how I feel about that. My watchmaker says that I am quite special. In fact they’ve made a film about my uniqueness. Let’s see what’s all about, shall we? Perhaps it will make me feel better

The Centre Seconds, explained by our watchmaker

The Centre Seconds complication is a nod to the evolution of timekeeping. Historically, pocket watches featured the seconds hand in a subdial, but as wristwatches gained popularity, its central positioning became a signifier of modernity and precision. The Centre Seconds hand is driven by the movement’s gear train, which in turn is powered by the mainspring. The gear train regulates the flow of power from the mainspring, allowing the seconds hand to move in precise one-second increments around the dial. This movement is synchronised with the oscillations of the balance wheel, ensuring accuracy. By achieving a smooth and precise sweep of the centre second hand, our watchmakers exemplify our commitment to both technical excellence and aesthetic refinement.

Our strikingly minimalistic Centre Seconds timepieces are expressions of time in its purest form. The Streamliner Centre Seconds and the Pioneer Centre Seconds are exquisite examples which showcase this feature with elegance and panache, while the Endeavour Centre Seconds is the epitome of contemporary elegance, each variation accentuating the beauty of the case and vibrant dial.

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