The Minute Repeater, explained by our talking complication

Hello darlings, I am a Minute Repeater, one of the most complex watch complications around. Watchmakers spend years trying to master me. They exchange secret techniques to perfect my creation. I’ve been courting wrists since the 1600s. Before electricity, I used to help people tell time after dark. Now I feel a little…out of tune with the times.

Why do I still exist? Well, you’ll have to watch my film to find out.

The Minute Repeater, explained by our watchmaker

The story of the minute repeater is a tale as old as time. The earliest minute repeaters allowed wearers to ‘hear’ the time, on demand, by indicating the hours, quarter-hours, and minutes with distinct melodious tones. It is one of the most intricate and revered complications in the world of haute horology. The mechanism is activated, typically, by pushing or sliding a lever on the side of the watch case. Inside, a series of gears determine the current time and control hammers that strike gongs. The sequence begins with the number of hours (with one chime), then the number of quarter-hours (with a different dual-tone chime), and finally the number of minutes past the last quarter-hour (with yet another chime). 

Every chime from a H. Moser & Cie. minute repeater is the echo of centuries of watchmaking. Originally launched in 2019, the Endeavour Concept Minute Repeater embodies our passion for melding technical brilliance with aesthetic beauty. Each iteration’s elegant designs, paired with the auditory delight of the minute repeater, make them highly coveted pieces for collectors and enthusiasts alike. 

Our talking watches have got a lot more to stay, so stay tuned.