The Streamliner Collection is here to stay. Throw out the rulebook, forget everything you’ve learned… these fluid lines and free-form curves are rewriting watchmaking history. Materials are reimagined, light and shadow are mastered anew, revealing a rare grace. Through each and every element there flows a subtle irreverence. 

Meet the Collection that began with a landmark creation from H. Moser & Cie. in January 2020 –  the Streamliner Flyback Chronograph – and has welcomed two more family members in the years since: The Streamliner Centre Seconds, and the Streamliner Perpetual Calendar.  A nod to the sleek automotive and locomotive designs of the 1920s, the Streamliner Collection unites H. Moser & Cie.’s signature minimalism and contemporary elegance. Designed from integrated steel bracelets up, with individual links and cases meticulously finished to express the essence and durability of steel, the Streamliners demonstrate an obsession with ergonomics.  

Streamliner Flyback Chronograph

The Streamliner Flyback Chronograph Automatic was an unprecedented reimagining of the Stainless Steel Chronograph. The debut timepiece of H. Moser & Cie.’s Streamliner collection is as much a wearable work of art as a watch. Think Renaissance, think Enlightenment – the first brushstrokes of Modernism.  A softly curved case with a gently domed surface and recessed sides echoes the contours of an integrated and uniquely designed steel bracelet.  By placing the automatic winding mechanism between the dial and the movement, we leave the case back clear – to offer an unobstructed view of the unparalleled chronograph calibre. The intricacy of the movement is balanced by a minimalist dial, featuring newly-designed ceramic luminescent hands and raw, vertical brushing on the elegant fumé dial. The hands of the flyback are mounted coaxially on the center of the dial, uniting the elements while maintaining an appropriately ‘streamlined’ dial.

Streamliner Center Seconds

In August 2020, H. Moser & Cie. unveiled the second model in the Streamliner Collection: the Streamliner Centre Seconds. This addition to the family focuses on the essentials: hours, minutes, and seconds – incorporated seamlessly into the fluid forms of the Streamliner design.  With its brand-new, vibrant – indeed, almost electric – fumé dial in innovative Matrix Green, this expertly-crafted 3-hand watch becomes an instant classic. Against this new dial color, with its complex palette from olive green to red gold, the 3D hands are formed of two sections with Globolight inserts. Its beating heart? Our in-house, 100% Swiss mechanical movement – the HMC 200 self-winding caliber.  This second generation Streamliner, with its integrated steel bracelet and exquisite elegance, will leave those around you green with envy. 

Streamliner Perpetual Calendar

In August 2021, the latest Streamliner cruised into view: the Streamliner Perpetual Calendar.  Our revolutionary perpetual calendar has already made headlines, but for the first time we united two icons of innovation by including this movement in a Streamliner model.  Distinctly minimalist and understated, this movement is ingeniously disguised by the simple appearance of three hands plus a date window.  But beneath the surface lies our signature instantaneous date change function, and hand-wound HMC 812 caliber. The months are indicated via a small red and white central hand referring to the indices – yet another touch of subtlety and simplicity.  Aligned on the crown, the date window is positioned at an unusual angle requiring the numerals to be tilted to 26 degrees, with a leap year indicator located on the movement side.  Set within the Streamliner’s signature ergonomic case and integrated bracelet in multiple Steel finishes, the philosophy of the Streamliner Perpetual Calendar is complexity made simple; the purest, most ingenious, and most practical perpetual calendar on the market. 

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