Joining Forces

What gives our Endeavour Concept Minute Repeater Tourbillon its Superpowers? To create this ‘Marvel’ of ingenuity, choreography and composition, H. Moser & Cie. joined forces with Timeless SA, a world-renowned specialist in minute repeaters. These two leaders in manufacturing and engineering have put their expert heads together to create a truly cutting edge design.

Keeping Up Appearances

Showcasing our exquisite complication – by positioning the chimes and hammers on the dial side – required great technical innovation, and presented several challenges. In order to preserve the elegant, understated profile of the timepiece and prevent interference with the flying tourbillon, each chime had to be curved in shape to remain flush on a single level.

To get behind the scenes on a wonder this complex usually requires membership in the Magic Circle; all we require is an appreciation of the finer details. Every effort has gone into preserving the streamlined finesse of this Endeavour’s diameter and thickness. The sliding bolt, fitted on a Teflon runner to create the ultimate smooth movement, is built into the main plate to conserve space, while the center of the case has been widened to house the movement and allow sufficient space to create a soundbox.

Perfect Pitch

This Super-Powered timepiece is music to both the ears and eyes: the soundbox is carefully proportioned to enhance the sonic effect of the gongs, which are struck by two hammers raised according to the position of various feeler-spindles, creating chimes for hours, quarter-hours or minutes. While our beautiful minute repeater mechanism may be a technical marvel in its own right, we’ve elevated it even further with subtle refinements to achieve a pure sound of perfect amplitude, length and tone.