Origin Story…

On April Fools’ Day 2019, H. Moser & Cie. shared a mocked-up image on social media – of a watch with a Vantablack dial and all-but-invisible black hands. When it prompted an avalanche of requests from our followers, we looked deep into our crystal ball and saw a vision – of a watch that spoke only to its wearer. We retreated to the atelier, and set to work making dreams into reality. The result? Uniting cutting-edge technology, timeless design and eloquent emotion, these creations are a meeting of Moser minds and your desires. 

Secret Agents

Featuring minimalist concept dials in Vantablack®, they are equipped (for the very first time) with subtle black hands that emerge like shadows from the velvet depths of the dial. Available in three timeless styles – the Venturer Vantablack® Black Hands featuring an 18k white-gold 39mm case, a steel-cased XL version in 43mm, and an Endeavour Tourbillon Vantablack® Black Hands in a DLC-coated case with a flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock… each finished with an elegant black alligator strap. Shifting into stealth mode with a Bond-like glamor, they reveal the time only to the wearer – the leaf-shaped hands are a mystery to onlookers. This effect is heightened in the Endeavour Tourbillon Vantablack® Black Hands model, with its black DLC case.


Any Moser-lover probably knows all about Vantablack® – an extraordinary material developed for use in astrophysics and thermo-camouflage, now wearable in watch form. Just in case you’re still in the dark (or rather, not yet in the dark), let’s recap: composed of carbon nanostructures , Vantablack® absorbs 99.965% of photons. As our eyes need reflected light to create images, Vantablack® is perceived as the absence of matter – a black hole, right here on earth. And with an H. Moser & Cie. timepiece? Right here on your wrist. 

See for yourself

One more wish we’ve granted? They’re all available in our online store. Check them out while you still can – these limited edition pieces won’t be around for long. Going deep undercover? Take a look at the Endeavour Tourbillon Vantablack® Black Hands, with a case in black DLC to conceal every trace. Starring in (white) GoldenEye? You might like the original Venturer Vantablack® Black Hands. Go big or go home with the Venturer Vantablack® Black Hands XL in 43mm.