Like a Diamond, In the Sky…

Welcome aboard the Endeavour Tourbillon Concept Vantablack®. With an eye for dramatic contrast and the subtle beauty of an ebony sky, the watchmakers at H. Moser & Cie. have integrated materials designed for astrophysics and aerospace into a streamlined creation that houses one of the most complex mechanisms in Haute Horlogerie: the Tourbillon.

Set within a minimalist concept dial without logo or indices, a one-minute flying tourbillon floats delicately at 6 o’clock. Subtly positioned at precise depths to produce minimal reflection, the intricate mechanism features a visible bridge and cage in feather-light aluminium. Derived from aerospace technology, this innovative material reduces inertia and improves the energy balance.

Astrophysics is the New Black

We’ve been working with the extraordinary properties of Vantablack® for some time, refining our practices and harnessing its powers. Special cases and tools had to be designed to transport and handle this material – which is composed of carbon nanostructures, and captures every photon to literally absorb light.

Used in astrophysics, military camouflage and stealth equipment, Vantablack® is renowned as the blackest black on earth. It creates the rare sensation of staring into deep space – the profound peace of the Infinite, encircled on your wrist.

Poetry in Motion

Finally, an 18-carat white-gold case sets off this blackest-black dial with the purity of a full moon, while leaf-shaped hands and black PVD detail on the tourbillon bridge add subtle elegance. But with a simplicity that belies its complex heart, this latest Endeavour conceals the  self-winding HMC 804 calibre with our signature double hairspring, for impeccable accuracy and a minimum three-day power reserve.

The Endeavour Tourbillon Concept Vantablack® is for those who know the value of wonder and see the poetry in precision. An ode to elegance and simplicity, created with materials equally at home on your wrist or in the heavens.