A symbol of our commitment to Make Swiss Made Green Again

The fruits of this dream were presented at SIHH in 2019: a mechanical and ‘organic’ watch that tells the story of how intimately our time on earth is linked to nature.  It is a reminder of how precious and fragile our planet is, and of how little time we have left to preserve it for future generations.

Introducing the Moser Nature Watch,  a symbol of our commitment, as Swiss Watchmakers and as human beings, to promoting sustainable and respectful development.

Among other measures, we commit to:

  • Relying on ethical fair trade and local sourcing
  • Respecting the Responsible Jewellery Council certification
  • Continuously optimizing our production processing and significantly reducing our carbon footprint
  • Supporting nonprofit organizations dedicated to furthering ambitious and educational initiatives

It’s not revolutionary. It’s absolutely necessary. Let’s Make Swiss Made Green again.