In 2015, we created an ode to simplicity to restore even the most jaded of 21st-century seekers: our first purely minimalist Concept model, with a dial free from indices or logo.

The response was overwhelming – to a dial that expresses luxury without shouting its branding, communicates emotion without elaborate adornment, and achieves beauty through simplicity. The success of the Concept series led us to add the pure fumé dial to our permanent collection.

This dial has become symbolic of a uniquely ‘Moser’ aesthetic: resolutely minimalist, unflinchingly bold – timepieces that are classic but never conventional. And in 2020, to celebrate the fifth birthday of the series, we introduced three new limited-edition models fitted with a concept fumé dial.

From left to right, the Endeavour Centre Seconds Concept, the Endeavour Centre Seconds Diamonds Concept and the Endeavour Tourbillon Concept


These three models combine immaculate proportions, harmonious forms and high-end finishes with Swiss Made manufacture calibres, and are available in red gold, white gold or steel – in a three-hand model for the Endeavour Centre Seconds Concept, or with a Tourbillon. The famous fumé dial appears in our signature Funky Blue – or, for the Endeavour Centre Seconds Diamonds Concept, in a Burgundy hue paired with 60 brilliant-cut diamonds.

The antithesis of cluttered dials, unnecessary features, and aggressive logos, the Endeavour Concept is a real ‘think piece’. A much-needed return to the very essence of watchmaking, without the fanfare of obvious branding. Showcasing the signature fumé dial without embellishment, indices or logo, these Endeavour models cast a spotlight on the unadulterated beauty of craftsmanship, expertise, and quality – and the people who create the magic behind our name. But have no fear – it also proves that true luxury will always be recognised, even without a logo.